Montag, 20. Februar 2012

No more Posertubes and Leaving

First, I will not more doing PU Posertubes,
they will be gone after the End of February.
And second, I´m leaving Dreamscape Imaging and Digital Chaos at the End of February.
What will come then i don´t know at the Moment,
will post an Update when I know more.

I will not Stop designing Scrapkits, so don´t be afraid,
just need to find a new Home for them *lol*
And when all is not working I´ll sell them from my Blog *lol*

But Posers I don´t wanna do more,
so when You want the PU Tubes Youhave to run to Dreamscape Imaging and get them before they´re gone.

Big Thanks to DSI for the great Time as Designer / Artist,
will be in the Yahoogroup as long as I can.