Sonntag, 5. Juli 2020

Color Me

Just added this Scrapkit to the Store
and it´s on SALE
~together with all my other Scrapkits~

Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2020

Again 3 Scrapkits

I just added these 3 cool and wonderful Scrapkits to PFD

Dear Diary HERE

Blue N Green HERE

Dark Angel HERE

Freitag, 17. April 2020

3 new Scrapkits

I just added 3 new Scrapkits to PicsForDesign,
and they are on %30 OFF - Sale this Month,
so Happy Tagging ;)

Montag, 13. April 2020

Red Poppies Tags

Just made 2 Tags using the wonderful
Red Poppies Tube from ©StellaFelice7 at PFD
and 2 Scrapkits from me,
First is called Spring Greetings
and the second is called Natural Wonder

Samstag, 29. Februar 2020

StellaFelice7 Taggies

I made 3 new Tags using Tubes from ©StellaFelice7 at PFD
and some Scrapkits from Me (at PFD too^^)

On the first Tag I used the "SpringElf" Tube
and my "Blue Fairy Angel" Scrapkit 

on the Second Tag I used the "Marina" Tube
and my "Dianne Norella" Scrapkit

and on the Third Tag I used the sweet "Synne" Tube
and my "Spring Fun" Scrapkit

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2020

Taggies for Toxic Desirez

 Made 3 Taggies for Toxic Desirez / Kristin using her great Scrapkits

The first one is using her "Love Is Tainting" Scrapkit
and the Madeline Tube from ©misticheskaya at PFD

The second Tag is using Kristin´s "Love To Game" Scrapkit

and the 3rd Tag is using her "Wonderland Nightmare" Scrapkit
~HERE~ You find her Blog

Freitag, 14. Februar 2020

Mood For Love Tag

I have a new Scrapkit called "Mood For Love"
with so much Elements to play with,
which You find
The Scrapkit matches the new Exclusive Tube
"Mood For love" from ©Ellie Milk at PicsForDesign,
which You find

So I made a Tag using both

Montag, 3. Februar 2020

3 StellaFelice7 CT Tags

I made 3 Tags using wonderful Tubes by ©StellaFelice7 at PFD
using my own Scrapkits
and the great Animations from René Kunert.

Tag One used the sweet "Ella" Tube
Tag Two used the "New Gift" Tube
Tag Three used the sweet "Valentin´s Day" Tube

Sonntag, 2. Februar 2020

Lost Hope Tag and FB Cover

I tried to make a Tag and a FB Cover with my Scrapkit "Lost Hope"
and the included Tube from ©Elegance_Goldwasser.
You find the Scrapkit