Freitag, 17. September 2010

Buy my CU Unlimited License

Buy my MistakenArt CU Unlimited License

and You get access to ALL
my CU Items which
are available and come
in the Future.
The Tubes & Scripts
you gain access to upon purchase
are yours for lifetime use.
When *NEW* CU Items
are submitted to MtA,
Unlimited License Holders are notified
and receive Download Links!

Get it only at MistakenArt

I´m still working to send my CU Items to MTA,
so don´t wonder when there are not all my Items now,
but they will come ;)

It doesn´t mean that these Items in the CU UL
are CU4CU for You when You buy the UL,
they are still only CU, also do use for You in Your Kits etc!

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