Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Preview Template 01

With this You can make a Preview of Your Kits,
Scripts, Actions, Tubes, QP´s, or what You want.

You can change the Colour from the Background when You need it.
You can choose the Accent, You don´t need to let all on the Preview,
that means You can of Example only use the Hat and Heart,
or only the Hat, only the Heart, or only the Flowers,
it´s up to You!
The Tubes of the Accents (Hat, Flowers, Heart)
are my own Tubes, please don´t use them for other Previews
and don´t share them.

The Preview comes in PSD - Format in several Layers.
The Drop Shadows are on an extra Layer,
so You can choose if You want the Shadow or not,

or use a Shadow of Your own.

You can NOT Resell the Template (no CU4CU)
or use it to make Previews for others!

Only for Yourself!

You can resize the Preview, but please don´t enlarge it,
only make smaller when You need it.

Find the Preview Template @

~Dreaming Scrappers~

Twilight Scraps

Scraps With Attitude

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