Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

Famous 01 + 02 in the Store

Here comes 10 Poserladies, 10 WalkingSticks and 10 RidingCrops for You per Zip.
The Sticks and Crops are matching to the Dress - Styles of the Poserladies.
The Ladies are in 1 Pose and this one is in 10 different Styles.
All in One You get 30 Tubes in Large Taggersize:
Ladies Famous 01: 631x954 pixels
Ladies Famous02: 671x967 pixels
RidingCrops: 239x800 pixel
WalkingSticks: 130x860 pixel
all are rendered in 300 dpi and CU ok
Please read the TOU which comes with the Zip.

You find the Ladies @ ~Dreaming Scrappers~
and Twilight Scraps

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