Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2018

Xmas Candy and Cold Days

Uploaded two Scrapkits t the Stores:

Xmas Candy (which I made to match this Tubes from Xeracx),
packed with cool Candy Stuff for Christmas^^
You can get the Kit HERE or HERE

and Cold Days, which I wanted to bring back
(it was sold at SnCo as I was there a bit ago),
which You get for only a Dollar 

Montag, 3. Dezember 2018

New Bundle, Cold Days and new Prices

At Mystical and Hania´s I have loaded the cool Scrapkit
"Cold Black"
Get it HERE or HERE

----aaaaaand I have reduced the Prices of my Scrapkits, so You get lot of Kits just for a Dollar----
At CDO I have a new Bundle,
perfect for the new Ken Morton Tube Pack :)

Get it HERE

Christmas Elves Collab

The new Collab is Live at Hania´s Designs:
~Christmas Elves~

It´s a Free Gift with $12.50 Purchase
or You can buy it for $10.

In this Collab You get 2 Scrapkits from me and lots of cool Things (CU, Tubes and so on) from the Store Designer,
so jump over and take a look O.O


Sonntag, 18. November 2018

Tech Savvy and B&W

Just uploaded another Cool Scrapkit to Hania´s Design and Mystical Scraps^^
With this cool PU Taggersize Scrapkit you will Love it ;)
You get 48 Elements, 5 Frames and 12 Paper to make cool Tags, Wallpaper and so on

Aaaaaaand I have another Mini Kit at CDO called B&W,
plus another Collab there which is for November active,
so jump over and have a look ;)

Dienstag, 13. November 2018

Kandiiii Kit and Clusters

I have a new Scrapkit called "Kandiii",
For all who love it Sweet ;)
Get it HERE or HERE

And I also have made 3 Clusterframes - Packs,
which You should check out,
made them using my Scrapkits, so You can save Time to make Tags ;)
A bit Los Muertos Clusters HERE or HERE
Heartbroken Clusters HERE or HERE
Kandiii Clusters HERE or HERE

And don´t forget my 25% on all Moving-In-Sale at Hania´s ;)

Samstag, 10. November 2018

New Store and Sale

I just moved in at
Hania´s Design

And to celebrate I have 25% off there
for the next 4 Days

You will find now my Things
(except the Resell CU Things)

HERE  too :)

So jump in and celebrate with Me ;)

Montag, 5. November 2018

Lots of new CU Dolls

I have uploaded lots of new CU Dolls at Mystical Scraps
for You to use in Your PU Scrapkits or as Tube in Tags and so,
You can find them HERE


Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2018

Halloween Candies FTU

The Bibi´s Collection Train has arrived
and will give You a lot of cool Freebies,
right in Time for Halloween :)

This Time it´s calling "Halloween Candies"
and You see (and get) all other Parts here
Now on to my lil Part for You,
which You can get HERE
Have Fun and Happy Tagging :) 

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018

Corinna Tubes CU

I have some cool Jack Loving Tubes for You,
they are Fullsize and .png
Tubes are ©Julia Fox
and You can get them HERE
But before You purchase please read this
 What You CAN do:
* Include in a Kit that has 50 or MORE Elements
* Kit MUST also include at LEAST 6 Papers
(Otherwise it’s just an over-sized Element Pack)
* Use as is cause it´s a Tube^^

What You CAN NOT do:
* Sell as a Stand alone PU or CU Tube 
* Include in an Element pack and sold as CU or PU
* Include in a “Kit” that has less than 50 Elements (Even if it’s advertised as PU, it is NOT a Kit,
it is classed as an Element Pack)
* Change the Tubes in any Way, except Rezising

After purchase please read the included TOU!

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018

Chibi Witches CU

I have some new CU for You in the Store,
sweet lil Chibi Witches with some Elements

They are really cute,
so get them right in Time for some Halloween Kits, Tags and so on.

You find them HERE

and they are ©Freeks Creations