Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Autumn Nights

This is my Part of a lovely Collab
with my great Friend Bastelgalaxy *thanks Hun*
(Same Colourpallete, different Kits,
go and look her Kit, it´s lovely too)

This Kit included:
20 Papers, Apple, Bag, Bench, Birdhouse, Bling, Bouquet,
05 Bows, 04 Butterflies, 03 Candles, Cat, Clock, Crow,
Curtain, 02 Decoelements, Doodle, Draculabaer, Deather,
Fence, Fireplace, 14 Flowers, 06 Frames, Gazebo, 02 Gems,
05 Hearts, Lamp, 04 Leafes, Mouse, Mousebaer, Physalis, 02 Posers,
02 Pumpkins, 03 Ribbons, Scarecrow, Sign, Sparkles,
Starrain, Statue, Table, 02 Trees, Urn, Vine, Wings, and 02 Wraps.
Please read the TOU when using the Posers, thanks.

Find it in all Shops I sell

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